5+ Chest Stretch Variations

Stretching the chest is essential for most of us! These five are great variations. I also would add a sixth restorative variation:  Supine over a yoga bolster or a rolled blanket. Place the bolster behind you on the floor, with your hips on the floor and touching the end of the bolster. Lay back along the length of the bolster. Your head should be supported on the bolster, or with an additional pillow or folded blanket. Your legs can be straight on the floor, or bent with the bottoms of your feet together and knees apart on the floor. Rest your arms on the floor at about shoulder high, or slightly lower, palms up. Stay for 2-3 minutes, breathing comfortably.


You Are Here! Mapping the Energy Body

I am excited and thrilled to be presenting my very first workshop next month!   Have you ever wondered if there was more to yoga than laying down a sticky mat and moving through a series of poses?  In this workshop we will learn about and explore the Koshas–an ancient system for mapping the energy body.  And, how we can use the Koshas to deepen and transform our yoga practice.

When & Where:  October 11, 2015, 1:30-4:30 pm, $55, Breathe Los Gatos, Los Gatos, CA

For more information:  Kosha Workshophttp://breathelosgatos.com


An outdoor yoga festival that benefits cancer patients and their families–it doesn’t get much better than that!  This coming Saturday, September 12th, in Vasona Park, Los Gatos, CA.  You will find collaborative (multiple teachers) yoga, acro yoga, SUP yoga, meditation, walking yoga, sound healing, and much more!  For tickets:  http://www.pose4apurpose.com/registration-tips #yoga #cancercarepoint