Custom Mala Jewelry

One-of-a-kind gifts for the special people in your life.

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★★★★★ “My wife was so happy with the custom mala I got her that I had to get one for myself. Claudia was great to work with and my mala turned out perfect. Thanks!” MaineFilmGuy #etsy #unisexadults #woodnut #yes #no #customprayerbeads #custommala #woodbeadmala #seedbeadmala #wristmala

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Just a little amethyst LOVE. 💜💜💜 Amethyst is a wonderfully soothing gemstone that is said to increase intuition, and provide an overall sense of spiritual balance. It enhances peace, and has a cleansing and calming energy. Its energy resonates with both the third eye and crown chakras. 💜💜💜 P.S. 15% off right now!

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One day my favorite much-used mala broke.  I set about re-making it, and haven’t stopped knotting since!  During my early teens I had a passion for making macrame jewelry.  It was tiny, intricate work that I loved very much.  Making malas has reconnected me with that early creative drive.

Japamala (mantra recitation) is a significant part of my yoga practice, and I use my malas to recite mantra during meditation.  There are 108 beads (not counting seed beads, extra decorative elements, or the guru bead) on a mala.  Each round of 108 recitations is like sending out 108 prayers to the universe.

My little labor of love is now LIVE on ETSY!  I design and hand-knot unique one-of-a-kind japa malas.  I also offer custom made-to-order malas, along with repair or restring of an existing mala.  Each mala I create is imbued with mantra as I knot.  My intention is for these small offerings to bring peace to each wearer/user.  It would bring me great joy if you checked my little shop out.