Vinyasa and yin yoga classes anchored by a strong background in exercise physiology, deeply centered in a mindful dance with the breath and the body, combining creative asana flows with breath practices and simple meditation techniques.

“I practice yoga to wake up from the inside out.  Every time I step on my mat, or sit on my meditation cushion, I am there for the inward journey of discovery.  Yoga is the process of peeling away layers, always moving toward my true, authentic self.  The process is fun, exciting, joyful, sometimes terrifying, but always feels like I am traveling home.  This is also why I teach.  I love to share knowledge, and offer tools to my clients so that they may become empowered to have their own breakthroughs.”  

Current teaching schedule:

Tuesdays, Yin Yoga, 8:00-9:00am PST, $10 drop in, or 6-Class Package $54. Register here: YIN YOGA

Tuesdays, Flow Yoga, 12:00-12:45 PST, FlexPay. Register here: FLOW YOGA

Wednesdays, Glow Flow Vinyasa, 12:00-1:00pm PST, $10 drop in, or 6-Class Package $54. Register here: GLOW FLOW VINYASA

***NO CLASSES ON 10/27/21***

I have free content, from guided meditations to active movement, available here:




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