How to Exit “Auto-pilot” Mode

Remember back to the last time you got angry, or upset, about a situation or a comment.  How was the next hour or the rest of your day affected?  Emotional reactions often feel like overwhelming surges that keep us caught in their momentum, making it difficult to respond with thoughtfulness or any kind of awareness.

This article gives a very simple and accessible way to handle the release of difficult emotions.  The next time you find yourself caught in a web of reactionary emotional responses to a situation, take a moment to simply pause.  Slow down and BREATH.  Then RELAX.  FEEL, WATCH, and ALLOW the felt physiological sensations to wash through before making a response.

5+ Chest Stretch Variations

Stretching the chest is essential for most of us! These five are great variations. I also would add a sixth restorative variation:  Supine over a yoga bolster or a rolled blanket. Place the bolster behind you on the floor, with your hips on the floor and touching the end of the bolster. Lay back along the length of the bolster. Your head should be supported on the bolster, or with an additional pillow or folded blanket. Your legs can be straight on the floor, or bent with the bottoms of your feet together and knees apart on the floor. Rest your arms on the floor at about shoulder high, or slightly lower, palms up. Stay for 2-3 minutes, breathing comfortably.

Lose Your Expectations

I read somewhere once, “an expectation is a resentment under construction.” That resonated for me deeply. You can never be disappointed if you never have an expectation that something (a person, an event, or experience) will be a certain way. The same thing can be applied to our meditation practice. It isn’t always going to be easy, or restful, or comfortable, or any other way you want it to be. A meditation session will reflect whatever it is in your life that could use attention. Now, sometimes it IS restful or joyful. Enjoy those moments! And, let go of the expectation that it will always be that way. Rather simply sit, practice, and discover what happens.

See you on the cushion, today at 1:30 pm, Breathe Los Gatos!

How to Relieve Foot Pain

Tennis balls are not just for smacking with a racket! Here are some very simple exercises to help alleviate a common source of foot pain. It’s also a very good illustration of how things are connected–our feet, calves, and hips are part of a connected chain!  Follow the link: